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A San Antonio based company serving San Antonio and surrounding areas since 1996.

Our Team

Our Massage Therapists are licensed/certified, insured, professionally trained and practice high quality massage therapy.

Corporate and Special Events

Majestic Massage provides licensed, professional, positive and enthusiastic massage therapists for the needs of your company, or event. We specialize in on-site, chair-based massage sessions that can increase the health and productivity of your team.

We Offer Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is effective with almost any problem, regardless of how long you have suffered with it. Because it works in harmony with your body, Bowen Therapy is incredibly effective for any muscular, skeletal, or nervous imbalance, injury, or chronic condition, including sports injuries. This therapy is ideal for many different injuries to many body parts.

Bowen Therapy is a series of simple, gentle, non-invasive moves done across muscle and connective tissue, usually with the client fully clothed. Rather than overpowering the body, these moves encourage and assist the body to heal itself.

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What Clients Are Saying

"I work at a keyboard all day. I don't realize how tense my hands are. The deep tissue techniques used on my hands and forearm really help me relax."
C. LopezHands of Gold
"I have noticed a significant improvement in my lower back yesterday and today, thanks to you! My range of motion when putting on my shoes and socks is a lot better."
MarvinGood Looking Shoes
"I was able to sleep last night! The 15 minutes you worked on my back made a huge difference. Thank you!"
J.R.15 Minutes = 8 Hours
"I suffer from migraines. Every time I visit Wayne find the muscle spasms and is able to relieve my pain."
EdwardMigraines No More
The session was awesome and incredibly relaxing.  We absolutely did not do much (quite possibly less than we should) after we walked for the 20 or so minutes.  I excelled at doing nearly nothing afterwards.  I took a long nap and slept better than I had in several days.  I still slept that night.  This will sound crazy but my feet felt great.  I don’t think I realized that they had been “unhappy”.  It seemed a bit easier to straighten my posture (for the short period I was actually up…lol). We are looking forward this Saturday.  Thank you very much.
Deb P.Happy Feet
I went to see Wayne for knee pain I was feeling in my right knee.  I run/exercise regularly so when I usually experience some pain, I will stretch and foam roll and that will resolve the issue.  This time, my normal routine wasn’t working.  I discussed my issue with Wayne and he said that he would try a technique called Bowen Therapy on my knee.  The process was very relaxing and effective.  It’s been about a week and my knee feels so much better.  I was skeptical at first since the amount of pressure applied was minimal in comparison to my usual deep tissue massages.  Now, I am definitely a believer in this technique.
Bobbie P.Knee Relief
I tried Bowen for the first time on my legs as they were extremely tight.  It was painless and I was able to get my mobility back!
Kim U.Bowen Works!
First off, thank you for your services using varying techniques, versus the traditional deep tissue massages.  With respect to coming in to see you for my issues of rolled shoulders and uneven hips, I have noticed significant difference in just a few short sessions.  After a few sessions of Bowen therapy, I notice my hips being more aligned and even pressure being exerted on both feet.  As with my shoulders rolling forward, after a few flicks and shakes, they naturally fall into place without consciously trying to get them there.
Heather T.Alignment Issue, Think Bowen
"I suffer from migraines. Every time I visit Wayne find the muscle spasms and is able to relieve my pain."
EdwardMigraines No More

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